Are Geeks More Passionate?

Per a current article from PC industry, geeks include the majority of intimate bunch of folk nowadays! Be it men to be able to better identify with tech-savvy females or simply the inherently creative nature of techier gigs, it would appear that geeks rule both the on the internet and real-world enchanting places. And guys – there’s something to give cerdibility to your own debate when anyone state geeks are no fun!

Exactly what concerning women? The content states that technical ladies (or “geekettes”) tend to be more likely than their unique non-tech experienced guy femmes for more active personal live. This means delving in to the internet dating world as well as other tech-based social pursuits like FourSquare, Brightkite and community or local teams like So the important thing is: nothing’s incorrect with being a touch of a geek, specially when you are away and looking for love.

If you’re still a bit suspicious towards attraction of “geekdom,” we’ve built a list of amazing issues that geeks bring to the matchmaking table:

  • Great customers – a nerd knows their means around shopping online. Let them have a mouse and a laptop and they’re going to click their strategy to shopping bliss.
  • They are connected – whenever you find a fellow nerd on an online dating website, they truly are probably be much better with email messages and interacting before the basic go out. Tech is the niche, therefore make use of some good email banter!
  • Oh-so-resourceful – Since a geek knows their particular method around a computer think of these capability to utilize the local pulse. Real time songs, neighborhood events, motion pictures and dinner bookings – the options are countless. Need some thing investigated and planned? Provide it with to a geek!
  • Just handy – It’s not so very bad having a techie nearby. Imagine new iphone snarls, mobile phone concerns, mp3 grab and home theater system hookups. Sometimes you just can not defeat “geek” for responding to the concerns presented by modern tools.